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"I use it to track websites of my clients, to notice changes before they get around to telling me."

"I use it to find out when a blog talks about a specific topic."

"I use it to tell me when my dream car is on Craigslist."

How to Use This Site

1. Sign Up for the site using the box on the right side of the home page.

2. Activate your account using the link sent to your email.

3. Add sites to monitor by clicking the "Add" button. Fill out the form so that it reflects the times per day/week you'd like to be updated and on what you want to be updated.

4. You can edit your monitored URLs at any time by clicking the "edit" button.

5. If you don't want to wait for your timed scan, you can click the "scan now" button and immediately receive an update on the URL you've selected. This is a good way to see if the options you chose do what you expect.

6. If you no longer want to receive updates about a URL, you can take it offline by clicking the "suspend monitoring" button (and bring it back online by clicking the "restore monitoring" button)or by selecting the URL and clicking the "delete" button.

How This App Works

1. This app checks the URL(s) you enter.

2. After you enter the URL to be checked and select the options, click the SCAN NOW button on the top of the table. This will send you an email notice of the type you will get at regular intervals.

3. You can check for changes in a URL in three ways:
a. Compare the current URL to the URL as it was when you initiated the checking.
b. Compare the current URL to the URL at it was the last time we checked the URL.
c. Check the URL for specific words that may have been added or omitted.

4. When checking for the addition of a word or phrase, the app reports the addition in an email to you, quoting the word or phrase. Likewise for monitoring omissions.

5. The app is able to work with at least some non-English character languages.

6. Comment lines that are invisible are checked for changes even though they are invisible. (The aop looks at the page source.)

7. Changing ads, hit-counters, etc. will result in a change notice, if you select to monitor for any change.

8. Only text that appears on the URL is checked. Dynamic text on the URL (if any) will only be checked if it is displayed at the time of the check.

9. The app allows you to check individual files as well as URLs. For example, you can check http://your_url.com/your_filename.doc. This check will only tell you if there was a change to the file, not the specific change.

10. If you try to SAVE CHANGES to a new URL and the app says your URL has been redirected, copy the redirected URL the app provides into the URL box.

11. If you try to SAVE CHANGES to a new URL and the app says: "Unable to fetch the headers." you need to correct the URL address and click on SAVE CHANGES.

12. If you put in a URL that does not exist, when you click SAVE CHANGES the app will give you an error message (in red), such as: ERROR: HTTP / 1.1 404 Not Found

13. Some URLs contain non visible code that changes from time to time, sometimes each time the page loads. If you monitor a site such as that, the app will detect a change even though no change is visible on the page. Changes of this type can be seen by doing a "show page source" and looking at the code for the page.

Stated differently, the app scanner scans the pages on the level of the source code. The differences in source code might not always be visible on a browser screen, but can be checked by viewing the source code of the page.

IOf you are monitoring a page like this, you probably will want to monitor for spefic words or phrases added or omitted.

Send suggestions for improvements or other comments to comments@didurlchange.com.

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